Our Story

There is a lot to be said in a name.

Our name, CrossFit Chisel, evolved from reading the background about Michelangelo’s “David” masterpiece, written by Brad Yates.  How often do we see the results of a project without knowing the process that was behind it – the story?  We often appreciate the results even more when we know the background story.  In short, Michelangelo carved David out of a piece of marble that other sculptors had abandoned because it was too difficult to work with.  “He said that David was already in there – perfect inside the marble slab – waiting to be freed.  All that he needed to do was chip away what was not David.”

Much like the journey YOU are about to begin with CrossFit, we are here to appreciate YOUR inevitable story of evolution from where you are now, to where you choose to be.  What stands in the way, creating this gap?  Some old beliefs and habits that need to be chiseled away from the masterpiece you already are inside.  CrossFit is the amazing tool we will use to achieve this.  We are here to ensure that you don’t give up on yourself, discarding what seems to be on the outside, a hunk of “stuff” too difficult to work with.  We are here to help you carve out your inner athlete.