About Us

Achieve YOUR goals, to make your life better for yourself and for those you care about.

We are going to show you not just that your goals are possible, but show you how much MORE you are actually capable of.

We are here to help you shatter any past limitations you thought were holding you back.  We will do it little by little, step by step, until the one day you look back over your shoulder, amazed at how far you have come!

Whether you are currently a couch potato looking for a form of exercise that you will actually WANT to stick with or you are a relatively fit person who already exercises on a regular basis, CrossFit is tailored to meet you exactly where YOU are and challenge you every step of the way.

Our mission is to share our love for CrossFit and the positive changes it makes in people’s lives.  In our experience, CrossFit is a great Life Metaphor.  Overcoming challenges in a workout or movement is a skill that transfers to the rest of your life from business to relationships.  We aim to cultivate a community of like-minded individuals who will support each other, push each other, hold each other accountable and share in the team’s victories.

Who we are, who we are NOT – We are not meat head jocks (although, we DO “Lift things up and put things down.” LOL.) or snobby elitist athletes.
We are not drill sergeants yelling in your face, but we do like the quote, “Suck it up, Buttercup!”

We are regular people striving to reach beyond what people normally think is possible.

We believe that being a good athlete does not necessarily translate into being a good coach. This is why we endeavor to constantly expand our knowledge and improve our coaching skills by reading books, attending specialty seminars, and BEING coached by other amazing coaches. Being a good coach is about heart, having a coach’s eye, and having the right cues to fix what needs to be fixed. We are all about collaborating with our awesome CrossFit Community of gyms and will not hesitate to bring in other trainers from our network of fellow coaches and gym owners, when it will enhance your experience.  In fact, we believe so strongly in community that we are joining forces with two boxes from our affiliate family to offer a rare, Triple-Access membership option, details TBA.  You see, the Globo-Gyms’ idea of providing you the option of working out in more than one gym location can make a lot of sense for many reasons.  We think you’re gonna love the plan & we will keep you posted!